In a chapel,
An 18 year old ended his soul,
Because dear john ended his love.
The round pierced the morning breeze,
As the desert sand blew beneath the trees.
Before his lips could taste the bitter war,
Blood left his heart and filled the wood planked floor.
Did he ever think “will they hate me?”
Or that his wounded heart would bring him to safety,
From a world where love can hurt and lies are found,
To a place where the sun never sets and beauty abounds.
And if we are brave enough to face this world,
Is our reward the numbers of tears that flood the grave as we’re returned to earth?

Desert Sands

In the desert sands,
The sun toils and stands
Between man and plans,
Never judging the land that takes all it can,
A glimmer of hope shown before it ran
Into weary hearts and collapsing hands,
When backs are slicked with salt and tanned,
Of memories of loved ones we may never see again
And time can be a unruly friend,
Turning a timid boy into a conquered man.

You Call Me A Hero

You call me a hero,
But where is the love after the parades go?
And we have to return and be good heroes,
And forget about the wounds that have been opened by war.
And forget about the checking of exits when we walk into stores.
And become scared of sleep because the nightmares never cease.
And wonder in the darken nights if I’ll we’ll ever be ok.
After the war is over, there’s still a battle,
That no camouflage can hide.
You only mourn for me when I die,
But why not when I’m alive?