Out There: An Adventure Film

I’ve always had a love for storytelling, the outdoors, and writing. It has always been somethings that’s been an inspiration to me. But I buried it and choose the practical path in life. I went to college, went to war, and hit rock bottom.Sometimes in life we get second chances, and if we are really fortunate we have many chances to start anew. In life things happen to us that we deem as bad, but maybe they are the things that correct our paths. I started writing to heal. To heal from war, self destruction, disappoint, the things that we experienced in life. To let things go, to grieve, to let experiences have their right to be heard.

I’ve always been an adventure/explorer. Going into the woods at a young age and discovering the world around me and the joy of solitude. Probably the reason why I joined the Army. An inner force was driving me to live what I truly wanted most. After 3 years of going through one of the toughest stages of my life, tougher than war, I wanted to make a project that would encapsulate that. To give a voice to what we experience as Veterans when we return home. It’s not every Veteran’s story, but it’s enough of us. I want to create something that’s real. Without the glamour. A real look at what happens to the soul when it experiences loss, regret, and war.

This project will be a film. An outdoor/adventure film. It’s my first time doing something like this. I really have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ll figure it out. There will be many mistakes and triumphs, frustrated nights and clear days. It’s something that’s burning in my soul begging to be awakened. Sometimes when fate calls, you need to answer. I will share the process of creating this film with you all. If you want to help that’ll be great. Below is the brief plot of the film “Out There.”

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Out There:

Is a story about a Veteran who goes into the outdoors to reflect on war and it’s aftermath. Traveling through the outdoors and wilderness, he tells his story through poems. It’s a deep, real, gripping, view of life and war, adventure and loss, and the aftermath. It tells of the naïveté of youth, the destruction of self, and what we gain by losing the best part of ourselves. Out There is about discovering the deepest parts of you, the things you fear the most, and gaining freedom from it all.