I, Ran.

The sun breathes a relief,
As I overturned the dust of you in my hands,
And let this gentle breeze take you away;
You didn’t me love the way I wanted you to,
So I ran,
and ran,
Till I couldn’t run any more.
The soles of my feet,
Grew as hard as my heart,
I buried your pictures,
I burned you down,
And I ran,
I ran.
I sketched you out in dirt,
Brushed you away,
Threw spit into the air,
And watched it rain down,
And I ran,
I ran.
My muscles grew tired,
I had to slow down,
Watching you hold on to me,
As I wrestled you to the ground,
I ran,
I ran.
I will continue to run,
Till the sweat of your memories,
Is dried like the morning dew,
And the Mountains peaks growls like a lion,
Roaring the breathe of me steadily into a slumber;
The cool springs quenches my thirst for you.

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