Writings on Life, War, and Exploration

Nature The Healer

I want to escape to the wilderness,
Quiet and healing,
Non judgemental,
Where alpine air fills my lungs
With the breath of solitude.
The winds shift my thoughts
To a merger whisper.
The howling moon,
Soothes the wounds of foreign lands
Aimless as I am.
I fall into a rhythm of survival,
Of working tools into a beat,
As life conjures beneath my feet.
I think of love,
And if it was ever for me,
And how far do I have to run away,
Before I’m robbed of it’s stinging taste.

As the Earth quiet,
It sings a lullaby,
Stars illuminate as it hums a symphony,
And the rhythmic swaying of tree branches,
Causes me to drift to a land of sublime,
The ground breathes a sigh,
Collecting the memories from a wounded heart,
And transporting it into the belly burned by molten core and gravitation.

Nature is a beast,
That carries us to safety,
Protecting our heads,
From boulders that slip from deep set mountains,
As we’re taken through the tempest,
Shipwrecked and thirsty,
We are comforted by a relief,
To see the beauty of the sun,
As it rises to warm our cheeks.

3 Responses to “Nature The Healer”

  1. Kelli Schmith

    Beautiful post, another expression of a universal experience we all share. A dear friend once said that no-one understood why he ran away to the woods to be alone. I replied, “Ran AWAY? Darlin, you were running TO, never away. And the last thing you are in Nature is alone.” Keep writing. It gives me something wonderful to share.

    • ruckwarrior

      Thank you very much for those kind words. It inspires me to keep writing. I’m grateful that the truth and honesty I write connects with someone else. Thank you again.

  2. Kelli Schmith

    Reblogged this on Dig Deep Thinker and commented:
    There are days when it’s enough to share someone else’s extraordinary writing rather than piece together something of your own. If you’re drawn to brave, soul-exploring writing, you will love A Mindful Warrior. I can’t say whether he considers himself a writer, but it doesn’t matter as long as he continues to express his perspectives of being human. enjoy.


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