Out There: Scene One (Draft)



Rob Marshall

Sounds of shooting, explosions, and war.

Radio transmissions

Fades IN.

Reflective emotional music starts playing.


Male is chopping wood.
Shirtless with jeans and boots.
Dog tags dangle as the axe swings.



Male collects chopped wood and carries it to the fire pit.
Positions wood into a pile ready for firing.
Male walks towards the cabin.


A table with a map sprawled across it.
Illuminated by dim lighting and sunlight.
Male is at the table, eating cereal while looking over the map. He looks focused and concentrated.
There’s a small notebook he begins to write in.
He jots down a couple of notes and begins to eat again.


Male is kneeling by the fire pit with kindling in hand.
A camp grill is over the fire pit with a percolator and a pot full of beans on top.

Fire starts to kindle.
Smoke ascends into the clear sky.
Male looks into the woods.
Trees are glowing in the dimming sunlight.

Fire roars.
Coffee is sputtering.
Beans are boiling.
Male is sitting on a tree stump.
Looking into the fire.
Weaving a strap made from Paracord.

Birds are singing their evening song.
Male pours coffee into a steel mug.
Leans back against the tree stump.
The steam of the beans are dancing in the air.


Male is illuminated by camp fire.
A pot of beans is half eaten on the ground.
Coffee cup is sprawled about.
Stars dance in the sky.


A weathered rucksack is opened on an unmade bed.
The room is sparsely furnished.
A folded piece of paper, a picture of two soldiers, and a pair of dog tags are bundled together.
Unfolded outdoor clothing is scattered about the room.

Male enters room.
He grabs the bundle of paper, picture, and dog tags.
He sits on the edge of bed.
He leans over.
He studies the items.

He rubs the dog tags with his thumb and index finger.
The dog tags are clasped within his fist.


A small chair, table, and couch furnish the room.
Dimly lit with lighting and shadows dancing between each other.
Weathered rucksack sits on the couch half full.
There’s a pile of outdoor gear and supplies.

Male inspects pile of gear with focus.
Packs gear.


The male is laying on bed illuminated by the morning light.
Male slowly rises.


Male emerges from bedroom dressed in outdoor gear.
Male travels to table where he sits.
There’s the bundle on the table.
The map is still there.

He takes the dog tags and places around neck.
He takes another look at the picture.
Examines it with more focus.
Softly rubs his fingers over it.

There’s a waterproof small bag.
He places the picture and letter inside.
He seals it.


Male exits cabin with rucksack on back.
He shields eyes to adjust to the sunlight.
Takes a few of steps.
Looks back to the cabin.
Turns and walks.


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