Am I A Monster?

Am I a monster,
Because I cannot feel?
Through war,
Death for me has become so real.
And life is but a sweet sweet steal,
When metal searches for the one it kills.
Where is the glamour that’s supposed to conceal,
What medals and awards can never fulfill?
For guilt consumes and leaves an empty shell,
Of a young heart and emboldened eyes,
And cracks of skin clenches the arms of hell.
Dark corners shelters the pang of regret,
And a haunting question of “did I do my best?”
I’m afraid love can’t rescue what I have left,
For the sands of a thousands miles uncovered the greatest theft,
That shares the wounding of brothers I’ve never met.
Do monsters live,
Because I have died?
The only shard that makes me human inside.

5 thoughts on “Am I A Monster?

    1. You are very welcome. Thank you for reading. I try and evoke the emotion and reality that Veterans face and show that war is not glamorous, and that it has consequences.

  1. I enjoy the depth of humanity. We often focus on our shallow surfaces. Your work here has true depth. Thank you.

  2. Thanks.

    Veterans need a Reservation, a safe place to fall so they are NEVER
    homeless. They dont and Cant live in city apts, not now not ever again.
    Its time we face realities like these; its time the Veterans had a Reservation
    of their own, a Safe Place to Fall where they Never are Homeless again.

    If they get something going solid and strong, good, they dont have to stay
    there. For those who simply Cannot live in boxes in cities they Need a Place.

    Its time the Veterans Have a Permanent Place, a Reservation, of their own,
    where they can build something.
    Dont we want the vets to be self sufficient?
    Dont we want the mobile RV roaming vets to Have a Safe Place?

    I think so and the time is now. Its time to group up and not be one voice
    here one voice there: We are a Force and We deserve a Place;
    Its time for a Reservation for Veterans, call it a Veterans Ranch.
    We need one in a number of the states where the vets collect since
    there is No HomesteadAct since 1976.

    No Vet should ever be or feel homeless not in a country they defended.
    Time for a Veterans Reservation.

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