The rustling wind between the leaves,
A setting sun that cools when it leaves,
A solitude that let’s a heart breathe,
A love that runs deep,
Startled by the piercing cheeps,
As we failed to believe,
That things end it when it needs,
And we cleave to a dream of things deceived.
A shot rang out and we awoke from a sleep,
To find a world that’s dust filled and bleeds.
A commander shouts and the lieutenant leads
Weary infantryman with silent creeds,
Through collapsing sand and damp reeds,
To an oasis where the tide of war recedes.
Until another day where the sun breeds,
Contentious rights and littered streets
Of chaos and prayer beads,
Of youth lost and dreams deceased.
Brotherhood deepens and lives retrieves,
The broken vows of humanity.

-Rob Marshall

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Photo Credit: The U.S. Army


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